Alitalia aircraft makes emergency landing in Rome


An Alitalia Airbus A320-200, registration EI-EIB performing flight AZ-63 from Madrid  to Rome Fiumicino  with 151 people on board, was on approach to Rome’s runway 16L at about 20:10 when the crew needed to go around due to one of the main gear struts indicating unsafe.

The crew worked the relevant checklists without resolving the issue and therefore performed a low approach to runway 16L tracking between runway and parallel taxiway to have the aircraft inspected from the ground. The crew subsequently prepared for an emergency landing with the right hand main gear remaining retracted due to the right main gear doors not opening.

The aircraft landed on runway 16L about 50 minutes after aborting the first approach and 25 minutes after the low approach, the aircraft came to a stop on the runway. The aircraft was evacuated via slides. No injuries are being reported.

Italy’s ANSV have opened an investigation into the accident.


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